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We direct small business owners on how to find clarity, purpose and a new path. Our clients learn to leverage both online and traditional marketing to get their messages out to the world. But it’s not just about marketing. Our approach involves looking at all the variables surrounding growing your organization or business including your personal goals, your business mission, your teams your talents, and your capital (money, resources, and time). It’s all wrapped into our own 8M Method.

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Simplify Your Strategy
Because getting started on the right foot is half the battle of business success.

You may not like the idea of planning, but relying too heavily on things like referrals and so-called word of mouth is risky when it comes to growing your business. By not having a clear strategy and a consistent way to communicate your value, you relinquish control of the direction of your business, your income, and (truth be told) your life. These services are normally the first step for clients interested in growing. Schedule a Get-to-Know you session here so we can share more.

Roadmap to Marketing Success Course:

A multi-week virtual course that reviews the ins and outs of developing a marketing action plan based on our 3 Stage Marketing Model. You walk away with exactly where to focus in marketing your business as well as concrete goals, a resource list of who can help you get work done and how-to information on everything from developing effective ads to pitching your business.

This course is offered once a year. Go here to sign up on our list and be the first to learn about the next virtual class.

Growth Path Discovery Assessment:

This 21 point assessment and one-on-one session is for the business owner looking for a done-for-you 30-90 day action plan. You will identify where you are in our 3-Stage Marketing Model and discover where you are losing opportunities, where your greatest growth opportunities exist and how to take better advantage of the people already coming through your door (calling your phone or clicking on your website). The end result is a mini-report and an audio copy of our session on specifically what to start, stop and continue to get started (or continue) on the path to getting seen, getting known and getting sales. For more information, download our Growth Path Discovery one-sheet or see more here.

Strategic Marketing and Growth Action Plan:

The Strategic Growth and Marketing Plan is VentureWalk’s all-inclusive planning and strategy service. It’s designed to take your business even farther, especially when you are ramping up for a bold, new endeavor or expanding an existing one. It’s more than a marketing plan in that it combines one-on-one coaching and training sessions with the development, research and creation of a plan customized for your organization’s growth. When you’re ready to move into action, you can be confident you’re not making any missteps and have considered all the pitfalls and possibilities. If you’re seeking funding from bankers or investors, a strategic growth and marketing plan from VentureWalk is a powerful addition to your business plan. For more information, download our Strategic Marketing and Growth Plan one-sheet or see more here.

Train Your Trailblazers
We are trailblazers and think you are too.

If marketing is half of business growth then having a team is the other. Our training ensures that you avoid the lone-ranger syndrome and develop a team that’s equipped and ready to blaze your growth trail. Our programs are for the leaders, customer service reps, back-office staff, managers, salespersons and anyone who has the potential to make your business operate like a well-oiled machine.

We customize training for you based on our model of developing on-the-job entrepreneurs. We integrate teaching, demonstrations, role-play, case-studies and coaching to empower you and your team to be effective in areas including: marketing, sales, management and leadership.

See a sample of some of our programs below.

  • Developing a Sales Pitch: How to Transform Your Conversations from Closed Doors to Closed Deals
  • Networking for Sales Professionals: When Your Networking is NOT Working
  • Customer Service: The Start and Art of All Marketing
  • Public Speaking and Presentation Skills: How to Use Your Voice to Make a Difference
  • Developing the Entrepreneurial Manager Within
  • How to Give Effective Feedback and Motivate Your Team
  • Communications Skills: How to Get What You Want in Your Work Environment
  • Team Building Skills: Developing a Team of Entrepreneurial Leaders

Don’t see what you need? Schedule a Get-to-Know you session here or contact us so we can share more.

Market Your Message
Marketing your message is a combination of 2 things: mastering the message and creating compelling communications.

Your message is that part of your business that goes beyond your copy or logo. It's that deeper piece at the core of why you do what you do. We firmly believe that your ability to communicate in an effective and compelling way is one of the single most important pieces to creating a successful business – any business whether you’re in childcare, fire system installation or retail. It's about knowing who you are, what you want, who you want to sell to, and where you are unwilling to compromise to get it. We offer the following services:

Pitch and presentation development (for sales, funding or networking)

Pitch and presentation delivery coaching

Content development (for social media, websites, blogs and more)
If you've ever tried to sell something, you know it's more than handing someone a business card or blasting an's a specific, targeted process. But it requires planning, eloquence and skill. We use a proven formula to grab your audience's attention, get them to buy in and then tell others. You will uncover your message and communicate it with the power to get what you want. From online retailers looking to get repeat buyers to professional trainers looking to fill seats, we partner with a select number of small businesses and organizations to act as their marketing partner.

Keep-in-touch/Follow Up campaigns (drip marketing using email, direct mail, voicemail, mobile and/or social media)

Marketing and Sales Materials Audits and Reviews

Sales process development

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) identification and setup
Most business owners are so busy trying to stay afloat that they actually put off being successful.

Clients come to us because they’ve been putting off being successful for years. Contact us and stop allowing time to steal your success.



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